About Our Services

We are accepting clients for Online sessions.  We understand that telehealth may not be your first choice and we will work to help  you feel comfortable. Please let us know if you have concerns via email .

If you are experiencing any of the following:

-Stressed/Overwhelmed    -Anxiety    -Friendship/Relationship Problems     

-Marriage/Family Problems  -Work Concerns   -Depression

Schedule an Appointment

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Please note that self-scheduling, completing the Initial Client Interest form or sending an email is typically the fastest way to reach us. 

Kurt is currently accepting new clients for evening and weekend appointment. Send an email to ktaulbee@arborviewcounseling.org or schedule an appointment.

Nicole is not currently accepting new clients. Nicole currently has a waiting list. To be added to the list please send an email to ntaulbee@arborviewcounseling.org.


In order to begin face-to-face sessions, the following will occur(We do not have a definitive office reopening date at this time):

Written Policy for Arborview Counseling, PC 5/8/2020

In order to reopen the office the following precautions will be taken:

  1. A sufficient supply of cleaning supplies are on hand at the office- Disinfectant spray cleaner for all surfaces.
    1. All hard surfaces(knobs, table tops, etc) will be wiped down between clients.
    2. All soft surfaces(chairs, etc) will be sprayed with disinfectant between clients. 
  2. A sufficient number of masks are available for staff(clients will need to come wearing one), hand sanitizer and a forehead thermometer are available.
  3. Preferred method of contact will remain telehealth.
  4. Clients will have the option to choose a method of contact that they prefer restarting March 1, 2021 or later (if necessary)
    1. They may continue/start telehealth sessions
    2. They may request face to face sessions, which will be limited.
      1. If they request face to face sessions the following will occur
        1. Clients will be asked to complete a health questionnaire prior to session and sign a waiver/disclaimer.
        2. Clients will be required to come wearing a mask.
        3. Clients will wait in the car until their appointment time and then text the counselor that they are waiting.
        4. Clients will be asked to check their temperature before arrival and hand sanitizer will be provided.
        5. Clients will have a maximum of 45 minute sessions to allow ample cleaning time between clients.
        6. Clients may be asked to sit in specific office chairs to allow cleaning products time to work.
        7. Payments(if applicable) will be accepted with the 6 foot distance maintained. 
        8. Also understand that the bathrooms in the building are shared and the sanitation will be monitored but their cleanliness is not controlled by Arborview Counseling, PC.
  5. This policy may be revised as needed.